Country Chic Paint

Looking for an easy furniture makeover?  Look no further.  I have a new shipment of Country Chic Paint on the way. 

CCP is a chalk style, environmentally friendly paint, made in Duncan BC.  There is a wide range of colors to suit anyone's style, as well as lots of different waxes and glazes to make an old piece of furniture new again! (or to make a new piece look old!)

How much paint will I need?   For a small project such as a small stool or chair,  a 4 oz sample size will do.  For a dresser it is safe to start with a pint.  Typically you will cover 60 square feet with a pint, and 15 square feet with a sample size. We all paint a little differently, so keep in mind this is just a guideline.  

The most important thing to remember is to have fun!  (Oh, and take a before, during and after pictures!)

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